Photo and video courses

Photo and video courses on Bonaire

Whether you explore the wonders of the ocean or decide to stay on dry land, your visit to Bonaire is guaranteed to provide you with many excellent photo and video opportunities. If you want to learn the best methods to capture the unique atmosphere of the island, BonPhoto’s video and photo courses are an excellent way to do so.

BonPhoto offers comprehensive photo and video courses for both beginners and experts. Because we always adapt our photo and video courses to suit your skill level, experience and personal goals, the results are extremely effective. You’ll learn everything you need to know to improve your videos and photographs, allowing you to make better use of your time on the island.

Develop your photography skills with our photo courses

Have you recently started to explore the world of photography, and would you like to learn how to take better pictures? Are you for a professional instructor who can teach you everything about underwater photography? BonPhoto offers a wide range of photo courses for both novice and advanced photographers.

If you want to learn the basics, our half-day photo courses are a good place to start. We’ll teach you how to operate and maintain your camera and show you how to use the ambient light to your advantage. If you’re looking for deeper insight, our full-day and two-day photo courses are a great way to improve your existing skills. Naturally, custom photo courses are also available upon request.

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Master your camera with our video courses

Over the years video camera technology has become increasingly accessible to the general public. Despite this, capturing the essence of what you see on video can still be quite challenging. If you want to master the abilities of your video camera, BonPhoto has several highly effective video courses to choose from.

Our half-day video courses are excellent for beginners who want to learn the basics of camera operation and technique. Our instructors will show you what to look for in a scene and how to shoot fluid, natural videos. If you are already experienced with video cameras, our full-day and two-day video courses are a great way to expand your expertise.

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