Camera accessories

Camera accessories
Being able to capture the perfect picture or video requires a few key ingredients. First of all, you’ll need a beautiful scene or subject. Thankfully, there’s no shortage of beauty on Bonaire – the island offers everything, from majestic mangroves and unspoiled wilderness to exotic reefs and underwater creatures. The second step is getting the right equipment for the job.

That’s where BonPhoto can help. Our [camera shop] stocks a wide range of camera accessories for photo and video cameras. If you forgot one of your camera accessories at home or want to upgrade your current kit, our shop has what you need. Whether you want to rent specific camera accessories temporarily or purchase key components for future use, you’ll always find the best equipment at BonPhoto.

Get the camera accessories you need at BonPhoto
Are you looking for camera accessories that will make it easier to take pictures or record video underwater? Do you need extra storage for your camera, or other accessories like lenses, batteries or tripods? Our extensive stock of professional camera equipment will make it easy to find the missing piece of the puzzle.

In addition to this, BonPhoto also carries accessories for GoPro camera systems. We are the official GoPro dealer on Bonaire, which means we can provide anything you might need to create active, adventurous vacation videos. Feel free to stop by the shop and ask our staff about our product catalogue and services.

Your source for professional camera accessories on Bonaire

Bonaire is a remarkable island. Its atmosphere, culture and natural beauty are enough to put a smile on any visitor’s face. As such, BonPhoto has a simple mission: to help you  get the beauty of Bonaire on a uniquely personal level. Our rental services and camera accessories are part of this – but the most important things we have in stock are our passion for photography and our expertise.

Our staff has years of experience with both photography and video production, and we’re always happy to share our knowledge with you. Do you need specific camera accessories? Are you looking for professional advice, or would you like to follow a [course] to improve your skills? If so, get in touch with BonPhoto. We’d love to show you the island’s most photogenic side.



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