Video camera rental

Video camera rental at BonPhoto
One of the first things you’ll notice when you visit Bonaire is its breathtaking beauty. Whether you’ve come to hike across the island, dive in the clear sea or simply relax on the beach, your experience will be full of stunning sights and vistas. With so much to see, it’s only natural to want to record a lasting memory of your impressions.

That’s where BonPhoto’s video camera rental services come in. We understand how important your special vacation moments are, and can provide you with a professional rental video camera that will allow you to capture and preserve them in high fidelity – both on land and underwater.

Our video camera rental options
BonPhoto is dedicated to quality. We wanted to offer a Full HD rental video camera that is not only compact and waterproof, but also easy to use. That’s why we’ve chosen the JVC GC-WP10 video camera as our main rental option.

The JVC GC-WP10 is equipped with a digital image stabilizer and advanced built-in software which makes it easy to edit your videos. In addition, the camera has been optimized for low-light performance, making it the ideal video camera rental to capture all those unforgettable sunsets and dives.

Video camera rental

Do you want to rent a video camera for your entire vacation, or would you like to record a specific moment? BonPhoto offers attractive starting rates for video camera rental over any desired period of time:

½ day – $30.00
1-2 days – $50.00 per day
3-5 days – $45.00 per day
6+ days – $40.00 per day

Additional rental equipment for your video camera
If you want to bring your vacation videos to life, BonPhoto has everything you need. Alongside our main video camera rental options, we offer a wide array of lights, strobes and other accessories that will help you capture the essence of the island as you see it.

Naturally, these video camera rental services aren’t the only way we can assist you. The professionals at BonPhoto can teach you how to improve your camera skills and [repair] your own video camera if anything happens to it during your trip. You can even hire a cameraman to record your videos for you!

Do you want to book a rental video camera in advance, or would you like to know more about our services and rates? Get in touch with BonPhoto and let us know what we can do for you.



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