Photography courses

Photography courses
If you are interested in photography, a vacation to a Caribbean island provides the perfect excuse to explore your interests further. Bonaire is a picturesque place, with many beautiful sights to choose from – both underwater and on dry land. BonPhoto’s photography courses can teach you exactly how to capture this beauty in your pictures.

We offer various photography courses for novice, intermediate and advanced photography enthusiasts. Whether you want to master your camera or simply wish to learn the basics, our photography courses are a great way to improve your skill.

Choose the most effective photography courses
BonPhoto believes in a personal approach. That’s why our photography courses are always customized to match your current skill level and experience. Deciding the depth and duration of the course is up to you – we offer three different photography courses, allowing you to tailor your course to your goals and the time you have available.

While BonPhoto recommends using your own camera setup during the course, we will provide you with a camera free of charge if you are unable to bring your


Half-day photography courses
BonPhoto’s half day photography courses provide a quick, effective insight into the mechanics and settings of your camera. During the course, our instructors will teach you how to maintain your camera and use its basic settings. You’ll also learn how to use your camera’s internal flash and the ambient light conditions of your surroundings to create stunning pictures. Finally, BonPhoto will accompany you on one dive and review the resulting pictures with you.

One-day photography courses
Would you like a more in-depth explanation of camera technique? Our one-day photography courses provide a detailed exploration of ambient light, camera settings, underwater photography and editing. The course includes an expanded insight into the use of internal and external flash. In addition, our instructors will cover buoyancy techniques and accompany you on two dives.

Two-day photography courses
If you want to advance your skills to the next level, BonPhoto’s two day photography courses are the most effective choice. You’ll learn everything there is to know about camera maintenance, settings and editing programs. The two-day course covers all the topics included in the one-day course and expands them further, allowing you to make an extra dive while applying a specific camera technique of your choice.

Ask BonPhoto about our specialized photography

Do you want to learn more about specific aspects of photography and would you like to customize your own course? BonPhoto can organize personalized photography courses based on your goals and wishes. For more information about our rates, or to sign up for one of our photography courses, please feel free to contact us. Our staff can answer any questions you might have.


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