Video camera courses

Video camera courses
Videos can offer a unique window on your best memories. When made effectively, a video can transport you back in time, allowing you to relive your vacation. However, bringing a video to life can BonPhoto’s video camera courses provide an excellent opportunity to unlock the secrets of making quality films. Our video camera courses offer professional insight into all areas of filmmaking and are suitable for video enthusiasts of all skill levels.

Accessible video camera courses on Bonaire
BonPhoto enjoys sharing its passion for video. We want our video camera courses to be accessible for everybody, regardless of differences in skill or experience. That’s why our video camera courses are always tailored to your current knowledge and understanding of video technique. You’ll never be confronted with overcomplicated subject matter during our courses – our instructors always strive to ensure that the course material connects with your personal goals and wishes.

Although we recommend that you use your own video camera for a more familiar experience, BonPhoto can provide you with a free video camera for the duration of our courses.
Half-day video camera courses
Would you like to learn the basic behind shooting good videos? Our half-day video camera courses will teach you everything you need to know about camera maintenance, basic settings and lighting. Our instructors will provide you with professional examples and accompany you on one dive, allowing you to improve your video camera skills without losing precious vacation time.

One-day video camera courses
If you want to expand your understanding  of video techniques further, BonPhoto’s one-day video camera courses are an excellent choice. In addition to the insights and topics covered in our half-day video camera courses, our one-day program also covers the various lighting options and editing procedures. Our instructors will join you for two dives and teach you the buoyancy skills you need to stabilize your shots.

Two-day video camera courses

Are you looking for a way to master your video camera completely? BonPhoto’s two-day video camera courses provide the most comprehensive overview of maintenance, settings, editing and lighting techniques. The course also includes an extra dive where you can experiment with a specific video camera technique under professional guidance.

Personalized video camera courses
Would you like to add a more personal touch to our video camera courses? If you want to learn specific skills or techniques, we’ll be more than happy to put together a custom course at your request. Please contact our staff if you interested in signing up for one of our video camera courses, want to know more about our rates, or if you have questions about our custom options or additional services.



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